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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thugs Machete Man to Death in A Communal Clash in Lagos Island

This sad incident happened in the Odunfa area of Lagos Island in Lagos on Sunday October 16th. Irate youths in the area clashed leaving two people dead and many seriously wounded. A man identified as 19 year old Charles Igbinovia, was matcheted to death by some of the youths during the clash. According to residents, the fight broke out when a masquerade said to be named Adakeja in the area was prevented from parading the street by some youths in the area. This led to an argument between supporters of the masqurede and the youths. A fight broke out which turned bloody.

Peace has however been restored to the area as police have been stationed in the area.

Watch Video Below:

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The plan to re-arrest and detain me once again by the EFCC - Femi Fani-Kayode

Read his piece below..
I have been reliably informed by my sources within the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) that they are planning to re-arrest and detain me for as long as possible once again even though I have been granted bail by the Federal High Court in Lagos. Fresh charges were filed against me by the EFCC at the Federal High Court in Abuja on July 7th.
The allegations border on a baseless allegation and false claim that I received twenty six million naira from the NSA's office in 2014. These are politically-motivated charges and there is no truth in or substance to them whatsoever.

The case has been assigned to a judge and the date for arraignment has been set for 10th November before Justice Tsoho of the Federal High Court in Abuja. 
My lawyers were in court for the original date of arraignment on the 14th of October but for some curious reason the EFCC did not show up on that day. 
The matter was therefore adjourned till 10th November and my lawyers have given an undertaking to the Judge to ensure that I am in court on that day. They have also written to the EFCC to that effect and our letter was acknowledged by them. 
Because of that the matter is now seized of the court yet the EFCC are still planning to arrest me probably at the premises of the Federal High Court in Lagos after I appear there on friday 21st October to attend my trial on the trumped up and, again, politically-motivated charges concerning the presidential campaign funds. 
If they do not arrest me then they will arrest me and seek to detain me for as long as possible soon after that. Whichever way they will come and I am ready for them. I am not running. 
The truth is that the EFCC are a ready, willing and able tool in the hands of the hawks and hardliners in the Buhari administration and they are apparantly acting on orders. 
They are desperate to keep me out of circulation and off the streets and I have been reliably informed that they were ordered to ensure that that is the case by the Presidency. 
They are also eager to arrest and detain my wife and my 8 month old son just to hurt and spite me even though they have done absolutely NOTHING wrong. 
By the time I am in their custody they will start churning out all manner of garbage and lies to the media about me and my family and they will say all sorts of things about supposedly new matters which they have "just discovered" and "fresh allegations". 
They will even claim that I have admitted to certain crimes, that I have been badly implicated and that I in turn have implicated other people. Please do NOT believe a word of these dirty lies when they start flowing. It is called disinformation and the EFCC indulge in it all the time. 
That is their stock in trade and they will feed the press with all manner of garbage knowing that I am not there to defend myself, to set the record straight or to expose their fabrications. 
That is their way. That is their style. They will say and do anything to demonise, humiliate, destroy, convict on the pages of newspapers and detain indefinately (with the aid of questionable detention orders from equally questionable magistrates and judges) those that they hate and all their perceived enemies. 
Their plan is to attempt to justify keeping me off the streets for the next one month and even longer even though I am already out on court bail. 
I have known about this evil plan for over one month now and I am not deterred. I am not scared or intimidated and I urge them to do their worse and let God judge between us. 
The more evil they do to me, the more the coals of fire will pour on their heads. Also the more the President will continue to fail woefully and have all manner of strange and inexplicable problems. 
Wickedness and wicked men never last. No matter what they do to me that is my consolation. They are bullies and cowards and they have no shame. 
My only crime is that I have spoken the bitter truth to power and I am very proud of that. 
That is what God created me to do. It is my calling and I stand by every word that I have ever said about this President and this evil, corrupt and inept government. 
As long as there is life and breath in me I will continue to speak the truth and fight for a better Nigeria. 
This government is vicious, vengeful, inept and toxic and so is their willing tool the EFCC. 
As I am in their cells and subjected to their barbaric torture and wicked and inhuman treatment for another period of time I shall continue to pray for Nigeria. 
I shall also remain strong in my faith and continue to trust in my Lord.  
I urge all those that believe in me, read my essays, follow my posts and share my vision and views to stay strong, to keep the flag flying, to fight a good fight and to never give up or falter despite the tyranny that we face and the fascists that we are confronted with. 
They may have today but tomorrow belongs to us. In the end our God will rise up in His power and in His might and He will rid us of this evil and this terrible and accursed affliction. 
In the end, despite all their lies, falsehood, misrepresentation, malevolence, malice and vicious persecution, we shall prevail because our God is mighty. 
Therefore stand tall, stand strong and have no fear. For even though the night may be dark, joy comes in the morning. 
I love you all and thank you for your continous prayers, love and support and for having faith in me. You humble, strengthen and inspire me. Every single one of you. 
 I go forth to carry my cross. I go forth to follow my calling. I go forth to walk into my glorious destiny. God bless u. Shalom..
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Another History Is Made: Leicester City becomes first EPL side to win first 3 champions league matches in history

English Premier League defending champions Leicester City have made history as they are the first club from England to win their first three matches in the UEFA Champions League following wins over FC Copenhagen, FC Porto and Club Brugge and can now reach the last 16 with a point in their next fixture.

Speaking to Journalists, Coach Claudio Ranieri said: “We are the record team! We are in a good position, our destiny is in our hands and we want to continue in this way.
It’s good to go in the Europa League [Leicester now look assured to finish third at worst in the group], at least.
"Now we have to go into the next round of the Champions League and we will go step by step.”
“For this reason I put him (PFA player of the year Mahrez) on the bench against Chelsea,” said the Foxes boss. “Now it’s right, eh?”
Ranieri also praised Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel for making a brilliant save in the 90th minute to deny former Cardiff striker Andreas Cornelius.
“Thank you to Kasper. Thank you to all my players, because in every high ball Copenhagen is very strong,” he said.
“It was a good performance, totally different from the Premier League, but that is normal when a team like Leicester plays for the first time in its life in the Champions League.
“From one side, I’m very proud. From the other side when I think of the Premier League, I’m very, very angry. But it’s OK because in my career this has happened.
"When for the first time you play in a big competition, you lose something when you go back in your league.”
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Troops Raid Livestock rustlers and armed bandits camps, arrest 3 kidnappers

Troops of 1 Division Nigerian Army deployed on Operation SHARAN DAJI have carried out raid on livestock rustlers and armed bandits' camp at Barikin Daji forest near Masafa village in Talata Mafara Local Government Area of Zamfara State, on Wednesday 18th October 2016.

Army spokesman, Col. Sani Usman, who disclosed this in a statement in Abuja on Thursday, said during the operation, the troops killed 4 bandits, recovered a motorcycle and destroyed all the camps at the forest. 
"Similarly troops of the same formation, in conjunction with local vigilante also carried out similar operation at the notorious livestock, armed bandits and kidnappers hideout in Anchau forest, Kubau Local Government Area, Kaduna State same day.

"During the operation, 3 kidnappers, Umaru Buje, Sanusi Shuaibu and Samaila Ibrahim were arrested by the troops. The arrested persons are currently being interrogated"
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Driver Found Snake Emerging From the Hood of His Moving Car

Tim Mokwa from Florida was making his daily commute home from work when an unlikely passenger popped out from beneath the hood. A 6-foot snake slithered from under the hood and made its way to the windscreen.
"This guy decides to pop his head out from under the hood. And tried to come in the window. About a 6 footer," he wrote on Facebook. "That's only a little more than half of him in video." Mokwa said he doesn't know what ultimately became of the snake.
"I rolled window up just in time. He was resting his head on the side view mirror for like 10 secs before he slithered around the hood. Still don't know if he fell off or went back under hood," Mokwa wrote.
Imagine this happens in Nigeria, night vigils with plenty of binding and
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tekno Tell Nigerian Men: “Allow Your Girls to Cheat as Well”

Image result for tekno
Rave of the moment, Tekno in an Instagram video this morning urged Nigerian men to allow their girls to cheat a little as well.

According to the 23 year old singer, it is impossible for a man to be with only one woman and as such women should be allowed to indulge as well.

He wrote, “Guys, if you have a girlfriend, sometimes you should allow your girlfriend to cheat on you just small because we all cheat as guys. Be honest men, there is no way you can be with one girl. 

It is not possible. So give the girls the chance to just cheat for one day. So girls, take out a Thursday and cheat”
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ABOMINATION!!! What This Young Guy Caught Doing To This Old Woman Will Shock You.

As you can see in the picture above, thus guy just finished doing it with this old woman. Some guys eh!
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