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Ladies wears in Nigeria for 2022

Ladies wears in Nigeria for both Ankara style and wears for work and office for 2022

Nigeria is one of the African countries noted for its excellent fashion sense. Every year, a new approach is created that is both original and attractive. Take a peek at some of the most recent Nigerian outfits, most especially the ladies wear in Nigeria.

Nigerians like wearing in contemporary African fashion and manner. If they don't go for the full traditional style, they at least incorporate one cultural aspect into their ensemble. Take a look at this collection of the most recent Nigerian costumes. You will undoubtedly discover something intriguing here. 

Ladies wears in Nigeria for 2022

These outfits aren't only for parties or special occasions. They're also ideal for everyday wear. Take a peek at some of Nigeria's most recent fashion trends. Traditional Nigerian clothing designs Nigerian native dress is one of the most stunning fashion styles in the country. They contribute to the Nigerian people's culture. Fabrics used in the patterns are constantly different and a variety of styles for various events.

Simple Black Agbada Oufit

Mercy Aigbe look good with this stye, she actually rock this with a peach red high heel shoe and it was great on her considering the combination. 

Complete Traditional Wear

This dress is just too outstanding because she look great on it. Looking at it, one can say she dress like an Hausa considering the style of her head-tie, some will say she dress like an Igbo woman because of the bead on her neck, and some will look at it and say she look like a Youruba dress considering the design and style of the dress.I guess we should just call this a Wazobia dress, lol.

Brown Coupe outfit


This design is great and beautiful, you can see the extended design for the lady's style which make it stand out more. 

Husband and Wife Outfit

Looking for something simple and sharp, but good looking design and outfit for you and your wife, you cant go wrong choosing this style 

Maroon Design Outfit.

This is best for couple and single as well, but this style is very sharp and a notice me type of wears in a party. can be worn during thanks giving and all traditional occasions.

Flora Design Wears

Latest Nigerian lace styles and designs

Lace patterns are becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria. Nigerian fashion designers have created the most gorgeous lace costumes that can be worn on a variety of events. Nigerian lace blouse styles are also among the most popular, with the majority of women wearing them. Take a look at some of Nigeria's most beautiful lace designs.

Green Lace Gown with Beads

This style is for the hot head in the city. This is a notice me type of dress. Most especially for the ones who want everyone in the party to turn their eyes on you from the beginning to the end of a party. The dress is outstanding.

One hand Butterfly Elegant Black Dress

One of the greatest costumes that is usually distinctive and amazing is a matching headdress dress.

Traditional Marriage Bridal Design

looking for a perfect bridal design that matches your look, I think this style is worth trying. The style of the girls behind her is lovely. 

An Ankara outfit with lace finishing

For this style you can choose any ankara materials and include with lace finishing just like this one here. The style will be more fit for slim body type. You can as well try it if you are a chubby person. 

High waist skirt with lace top Design Dress

This one is for the ladies out there that that has a very massive boobs and want to showcase it by showing the cleavage to make the guys go gaga on a Sunday morning or in a diner night.

Corporate gowns for ladies in Nigeria 2022

Corporate clothes is a type of apparel that is worn on a regular basis at work. In other circumstances, this is essentially a style known as corporate dress, which consists of suiting and a dress shirt, as well as the appropriate accessories.

Beautiful dress with Ankara Design


Plain dark blue dress


Checked Dress with details


Simple blue dress with details

Beautiful wrap outfit


Office wears for ladies in Nigeria 

Nigerian women's office wears you should really try for clothes that offer you a professional look while yet being modern, fashionable, and a perfect fit for your body when you're at work.

Glance at some of Nigeria's newest skirt and work gown trends.

 Boss Lady Front zip Dress

You can have this dress to work and you will look comfortable with it.

Pink Dress and Top

You can as well rock this dress to your woking place as a boss lady

Landless Gown with White top

Latest clothes in Nigeria for parents and kids

There are some style of aso ebi and ankara style that your family can rock as parent and child regardless of how many children you have, whether boy or girl, you can actually choose some great outfit and Ankara style that matches your  look for any occasion. So take a look at some latest clothes in Nigeria for parents and kids while you scroll down.

Simple Agbada Outfit For Husband and Wife and Children

This is design is very coll, and i think you can try it for you and your husband and children. It look great on them. As you can see, father and son rock the same design and style, while mother and daughter rock the same style and design as well to match.

Sky Blue and Blue Dress for Parents and Children

This one is another good style to try. The father of the house is rocking same design and style with his son, while the mother and 2 daughters are rocking the same colour and design as well.

Simple Blue Dress 

The parents and children are rocking same style of the dress and they look good on it.

Mother and Daughter On an Ankara Dress

Her daughter killed the pose taking to consideration her ability to stand high with her toe pinning on the ground for lifting to show a sign of kissing with her mother. This is very lovely for every mother out there to try this dress and post.

Mother and Child on Ankara dress

This baby is giving us tongue, lol I think she is appreciating her mother for the lovely dress, you can try this simple but great looking design dress for you and your daughter.

Father and Son Black Agbada Style

This is a very lovely and beautiful outfit for your husband and son.

Ankara fashion and style

When it comes to trendy and fashionable dress, Nigerians have not been left behind in all areas of latest dress and design. Their gorgeous patterns and style have made them more popular all over the world. Take a look at some of the most popular Ankara styles in Nigeria right now.

Short Ankara Dress

Short Ankara dress are great, you can as well wear it with a high heal shoe to look more stunny and great.

Ankara Skirt  

This is one of the most distinctive designs for individuals who enjoy skirts. In any of the clothes above, you may dress up for a gala dinner, dinner date, event, casual meeting, outdoor event, or any other occasion. If you wish to shine and stay lovely while having fun, you may select from a variety of patterns.

Ankara Skirt Style 

Ankara Skirt Style 2022

Ankara skirt and Blouse

Ankara Skirt with black top

 In any of the clothes above, you may dress up for a gala dinner, dinner date, event, casual meeting, outdoor event, or any other occasion.
We will keep updating this for you to have a look at the latest ankara design and style. You can as well send yours and we will post it on this site as well.

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